About Us

Our Mission

Once commercial spaceflight is within reach for humanity, we are determined to provide the best possible experience for people.

As soon as commercial spaceflight is available, we aim to provide you with an easy way to prepare and book for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Get ready and start preparing today.

A group of astronauts walking on the moon's surface, with a detailed Earth in the backdrop showcasing continents illuminated by city lights against the dark side of the planet.

Extraordinary Experiences

Because the first years of commercial spaceflight will be extremely expensive, we are committed to high-quality preparation and first-class arrival and departure at the spaceport.

Our Core Values

We believe that commercial spaceflight should be possible for everyone, not just a few super-rich people.

Even if this is still science fiction for most of us, we can hardly wait for travel into space to become possible for non-astronauts.